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AS I SEE IT: The high cost of not going to college
2 days ago -
Is college really worth it— all of that time and effort, not to mention how much it costs, to earn a degree? [Read More]
Commentary: Rock bottom economics Commentary: Rock bottom economics
2 days ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Six years ago the Federal Reserve hit rock bottom. It had been cutting the federal funds rate more or less frantically in an unsuccessful attempt to get ahead of the recession and financial crisis. But it eventually reached the point where it could cut no more. [Read More]
Commentary: Obama acts to cement coalition Commentary: Obama acts to cement coalition
2 days ago - - BYRON YORK
As things stand now, President Obama will leave the White House with two legacies. The first legacy is historic: Obama will always be the nation’s first black president. The second is policy: He is the creator of Obamacare. [Read More]
Commentary: FCC wisely taking time on net neutrality
2 days ago -
The Federal Communications Commission has decided to put off action on net neutrality until 2015, drawing protests from those lobbying for strict regulation of Internet service providers. [Read More]
Commentary: How about putting Americans first? Commentary: How about putting Americans first?
3 days ago - - CAL THOMAS
Addressing the nation last Thursday, President Obama sought to justify his misreading of the Constitution by unilaterally granting legal protection to 5 million illegal immigrants. [Read More]
Commentary: Curbing fossil fuel use not way to go
3 days ago -
Here’s a question for Pennsylvanians to ponder: Is it good that your state generates 61 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels? [Read More]
Commentary: Stampeding 'black elephants' Commentary: Stampeding 'black elephants'
3 days ago - - THOMAS FRIEDMAN
SYDNEY — I participated in the World Parks Congress in Sydney last week and learned a new phrase: “a black elephant.” [Read More]
RED-BLUE AMERICA: Necessary relief or abuse of power? RED-BLUE AMERICA: Necessary relief or abuse of power?
4 days ago - - BEN BOYCHUK & JOEL MATHIS
Should the president have used his executive authority to change U.S. immigration rules without Congress? Or is this simply abuse of power? Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis, the Red-Blue America columnists, weigh in. [Read More]
Commentary: Immigration enriches you and me Commentary: Immigration enriches you and me
4 days ago - - NICHOLAS KRISTOF
A book warns that “ill-clad and destitute” immigrants are “repulsive to our habits and our tastes.” A former mayor of New York City cautions that they bring disease. Back in the mid-1800s those statements were made about Irish immigrants. [Read More]
Commentary: Scary new, up-and-at-'em Obama Commentary: Scary new, up-and-at-'em Obama
5 days ago - - JAY AMBROSE
President Barack Obama, who was once a seemingly laid-back, autocratically minded, economically confused, deceptive, politically klutzy, often naive Big Government worshipper, has changed since an election in which voters said they were dismayed at his doings. He is not laid back anymore. [Read More]
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