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POLITICALLY UNCORRECTED: Will Election 2014 be a good start?
1 day ago -
Still more than a month away, the hotly contested Democratic primary is finally moving into high gear. [Read More]
PAUL KRUGMAN: Salvation gets cheap
1 day ago -
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which pools the efforts of scientists around the globe, has begun releasing draft chapters from its latest assessment, and, for the most part, the reading is as grim as you might expect. [Read More]
RICH LOWRY: The hounding of Condi Rice
1 day ago -
If Condoleezza Rice were as self-pitying and politically crass as Attorney General Eric Holder, she would be wondering aloud what it is about her race and gender that accounts for the hostility to her. [Read More]
CHRISTINE FLOWERS: Execution of priest in Syria should be call to action
1 day ago -
Priest’s execution in Syria should be call to action [Read More]
DAVID BROOKS: When the circus descends
2 days ago -
We are pretty familiar with this story: A perfectly sensible if slightly boring idea is walking down the street. Suddenly, the ideological circus descends, burying the sensible idea in hysterical claims and fevered accusations. The idea’s political backers beat a craven retreat. The idea dies. [Read More]
ALEX BEAM: The peculiar urgency of mortality
2 days ago -
I was hanging out with my late-onset baby boomer pals — the early 60s crowd — when the conversation turned to death, imminence of. Ten years earlier, few of our peers had died. Now, a death in our age cohort wasn’t exactly news. [Read More]
GENE LYONS: How we devalued the 'R-word'
2 days ago -
At the risk of angering somebody like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, I sometimes used to joke that I only look white. Actually, I’m Irish. Meaning basically that I wasn’t raised to think the man in the big house had all the answers, nor deserved all the power he’d inherited. [Read More]
MAUREEN DOWD: Game of drones
2 days ago -
It will be tough to go into the big battle against drones without the irrepressible Goose. [Read More]
CAL THOMAS: Chicken Little 'science'
2 days ago -
The cult centered on “global warming” alarmism is getting hot under the collar. People seem to have stopped paying attention and polls show “climate change” barely registers on a list of voters’ concerns. [Read More]
JAY AMBROSE: Feds are coming, feds are coming
2 days ago -
Here comes Cliven Bundy, who looked like a 21st-century Paul Revere as he ran about his Nevada ranch shouting the feds are coming, the feds are coming, successfully arousing others who joined him in standing up to a mighty force that backed down in some of its overkill. Is he a hero, then? No, but s [Read More]
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